1-10 December, 2021

Fall Hazard
Lia Bagrationi

Specifically, in Georgian discourse, every spatial object made by traditional sculptural materials can be named a sculpture, while objects created from non-conventional materials, except crafts, are categorized as contemporary art but, not sculpture.
Then what is Georgian sculpture today?
Are there contemporary art limitations for sculpture?
What is perceived as sculptural in contemporary plastics and how diverse can be the content variety for unconventional one?
The “Fall Hazard” is rising the abovementioned issues through approaching the unconventional soft sculpture medium.
Soft sculpture, with the long 60 years old experience in western art practice, was sporadically created in Georgia, but never was named as the soft one.
Soft sculpture and the huge diversity of the materials are the preconditions for qualitative changes in experiments, new content, and shapes.
The soft sculpture overcomes the already existing approach that the sculpture refers exclusively to the body, by freeing the sculpture from the body dictate.
Moreover, in the frames of the “Fall Hazard”, soft sculpture indicates the social, cultural, and political threats for the social body of citizens. In this case, the body is not the physical option only, but the social one that is under the threat of corrupting the free spaces. It is all about the illusion of availability!

Tamta Tamara Shavgulidze
Art Historian,
Exhibition Curator.

Financial Support Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia

Project Partner Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Events in the Frame of Exhibition
3 December, 3 p.m. Round Table, Artistic and Art Critic Reflections on Exhibition
10 December, 5 p.m. Artist’s And Curator’s Talk
Exhibition Venue Artarea Gallery,
Tbilisi, Dodo Abashidze #10, Gallery is available every day from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.