Happy Birthday, You Are Not A Teenager Anymore!
Masu Mtsariashvili

Happy Birthday, You Are Not A Teenager Anymore!

24 Hour exhibition September 19th, 2021.

Opening – 19/09/21 20:00 – 20/09/21
Location – Hotel Stamba, D BLOCK, 3rd floor

“Happy Birthday, You Are Not A Teenager Anymore” is Masu Mtsariashvili’s personal exhibition, which opens on September 19th and will only last for 24 hours.

Masu presents photos of teenagers’ life in a studio. With this exhibition, she is saying goodbye to her adolescence. For 24 hours the studio will become a teenage author’s room, in which the impact of this period on her life is best seen. The photos presented at the exhibition are not just observations on other Teenagers, but the artist herself is part of all of it and therefore, she portrays not only others’ but her own stage of adolescence and experiences. In the exhibition, the author seems to turn the happy moments of her life into one space. However, saying goodbye to them is followed by sadness and melancholy, a sense of nostalgia experienced by the artist.