11 September – 27 September, 2022
Opening: September 10th, 18:00

The Only Scar
Anna Jibladze

On September 10th, 18:00, we are opening Anna Jibladze’s personal exhibition “The Only Scar/ერთადერთი ნაიარევი”.
Anna Jibladze (born 1995 in Tbilisi). In 2018, Jibladze graduated from the Visual Arts, Architecture and Design School (VAADS) at Free University, Tbilisi majoring in painting.
She participated in numerous group exhibitions, including: “Clean Hands”, Stamba, Tbilisi, 2021 (curated by Nino Sakandelidze); “Everything I promised myself”, Fabrika, Tbilisi, 2021; “Oxygen: Know Thy Neighbor”, Stamba, Tbilisi, 2020 (curated by Irina Popiashvili); “All Your Favorite Bitches And Witches”, The Why Not Gallery, Tbilisi, 2020 (curated by Elene Kapanadze) and others.

“The Only Scar” – is Anna Jibladze’s first solo exhibition and it combines her works from the past two years.