4 July – 4 September, 2023

Trajectory of Thoughts
Group Exhibition

Trajectory of Thoughts is a multimedia exhibition of contemporary visual art, which presents authorial research merging the different time layers. The reality understood by alternative creative forms and the artists’ reflection on the crisis of the same truth become the determinants of creative dynamics – a living process.

What is art semiotics (discipline studying the system of signs)? The visual language and dramaturgy of the exhibition explore the spatial-temporal connections around the social and existential themes in our reality. The environment and circumstances spread by the different visual formations of creative thought are revealed in time-worn reflections, prints, left traces, or fleshing images. Through spatial dialogue, the concept of the exhibition expands the visual language of art with philosophical and anthropological aspects.

“Trajectory of Thoughts” was created in the framework of the contemporary art projects organized at the Gori Art House, in collaboration with the Gori Photographers’ Club and with the support of the Gori Municipality. The exhibition is presented in an adapted format by the platform @unirchived_semiotics with the initiative and support of TBC concept.

Invited artists: Tornike Gognadze, Keti Kapanadze, Tea Nili, Nino Sakandelidze, Oto Shengelia, David Chikhladze

Project concept author and curator: Mariam Shergelashvili