Exhibition opening: September 2 | 19:30
September 2 – September 4, 2022
Free Entrance


As our yearly theme of mutation and solidarity continues, @untitled.tbilisi is pleased to present a new exhibition by the group of women artists from South Caucasus. In the times of challenges of the present wars, economical troubles or social injustice, it is crucial to join the powers of the art practitioners to empathize with the diverse voices of the region.
Within the experience of the NOBORDERLAND residency, artists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia gathered to engage in an artistic exploration on the topic of conflict within the environment of a cross-border residency.
The pieces in this exhibition float around the idea of identity and how it behaves, develops and adapts in conflict.
Each group has visualized their viewpoints as a collective. The two main projects touch on the feminine body and identity and they built their work by implementing personal experience.
Group exhibition artists :
Project is organized by: @usernamenailaistaken @ninikolekishvili

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