July 18 – September 15

Pim Kersten
Auditory Residue

The work Auditory Residue originated from an action that the artist performed while working for a museum. There he scraped the introductory text of a closed exhibition from the wall. What fell in front of him were fragments of letters casually scattered across the floor. It was this rearrangement of signs that made the artist aware of changeable meaning given by the shift of context: the now empty museum hall was ready for new events, connections and perspectives, with the closed exhibition still manifesting itself as an afterimage and sounding board of conducted conversations. According to Kersten, it is precisely at that intersection from the old to the uncertain new where the potential of meaning lies.
Pim Kersten (Netherlands, 1980) is a fine artist, musician and teacher of visual art subjects.

Additional Details

  • სამუშაო საათები:ღიაა 24 საათი