Date: November 17th

Time: 18:00

White Noise – Ekaterine Totladze’s first personal exhibition at the ATINATI Culture Center

Location: P.Ingorokva street 19a

We invite you to attend the exhibition featuring the winning student of the ATINATI competition, Ekaterine Totladze. The talented artist dedicated four months to crafting the captivating series, “White Noise,” exclusively for this show. Ekaterine Totladze’s new series focuses on the observation of an individual, elevating the subject to an object of scrutiny. A separate wall in the show is dedicated to displaying the artist’s early work. This particular canvas played a pivotal role in determining the contestant’s fate and garnered unanimous approval from the jury. Consequently, the wall housing this significant piece carries a metaphorical load, symbolizing the journey from the victory to the realization of the solo exhibition.

The ATINATI Foundation instituted a prize for students at A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Fourth-year fine arts students had the opportunity to enter the open competition by registering within a month. Through a selection process conducted behind closed doors, a panel comprising both local and international jury members identified the top six students. The contestants presented their artworks to a diverse audience in the exhibition hall of the Academy of Arts. Among them, Ekaterine Totladze emerged as the winner. Following the award conditions, the artist received a prize of €5,000. This occasion is marked by the hosting of her personal exhibition at the ATINATI Culture Center. The ATINATI Foundation remains committed to supporting students in the future.

Ekaterine Totladze (19.08.2001) was born in Tbilisi. She studied at Anastasia Virsaladze Art (2013-2018); also, at Apolon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (2019-2023). She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (2023).

“While painting these works, I wasn’t certain where my artistic journey would lead me. This phase was entirely experimental. Throughout, my focal point of observation remained a human being. I aimed to scrutinize it from a different perspective, striving to craft an atmosphere within the spatial compositions that would completely transform into a state, effectively mirroring an inner conflict or imbalance within an individual.

It turned out that a person appeared in a state of anticipation, on the verge of departing the space/state. In some ways, it is an attempt to pierce into another realm or condition. And that noise seems to be related to the inner voice that a person may sometimes try to evade.” Ekaterine Totladze