Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art

Participating countries: Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, France, Russia, Spain, USA Project supporters: Municipality Mayor of Tbilisi, Creative Georgia, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports. General media partner: THE FINANCIAL Project concept: The festival is directed to provide development of handmade printmaking in Georgia. /silk screen printing, aluminum etching, xylography, lithography, Gelatin printing etc.. / The lively schedule of exhibitions, demonstrations, gallery talks, and openings is focused on printmaking and its vitality as an artistic practice. Print Month enables artists, scholars, educators, collectors and the public to connect with Print Festival guests, to discover new projects and enrich their knowledge of fine prints. Visitors have an unrivaled opportunity to view and acquire outstanding works across the diverse range of periods and specialties. Art works and projects will be accepted in all supports, artistic expressions and techniques of handmade printmaking represented by the Art Caucasus Foundation. Excellent works can be found, including exciting new projects from today`s leading and emerging artists from Georgia and different countries. Most of the works are made in LIFE N STYLE unique printmaking studio in Tbilisi by artists either born or resident in the Festival`s target areas or outside. The studio managed to produce the unique collection of the best Georgian contemporary artists from 80-ies up today, like it was done in USA 60-ies by Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Jones and Andy Warhol. The event is to be wide broadcasted by the international media to show the other side of Georgia, being one of the most creative counties in the world. The show is direct answer to the concept for this year – IRREAL REALITY. Participating artists & curators: GEORGIA / Galtin Print